Cal Clark, LMT, CPP

imageI have an office located in Old Port of Portland Maine. I am a 2012 Holistic Massage graduate of Spa Tech Institute and have been licensed since 2012. I have been in operation since 2012, and am employed at a nearby wellness spa since 2013. I also do crystal healing, teach mindfulness based meditation classes, and do energy balancing consultations.

My own personal journey of finding balance, clarity and emotional healing led to a career path in Massage and Polarity Therapy. It started with a meditation and yoga practice, receiving bodywork, along with more mainstream therapy. It was through much of my self discovery that I knew I was meant to serve others through using the healing modalities that I found effective. 

I offer a variety of modalites to meet the client in thier requests, and what they need specifically on the journey to greater health, deeper relaxation, and joy. For some, this means work with more deeper pressure and stretching, and creating some extent of physical discomfort to release constricted musculature and fascia. For others it's gentle touch, reducing their  tension by stimulating and balancing one's endocrine and nervous systems, clearing and balancing their energy field. Serving my clients has become one of my life's greatest passions. I take joy in the contiuing evolution of my work through more experience and education.

Often clients come to me expressing the goal of destressing or addressing a physical ailment. What results is realizing how difficult it can be to relax on the table, and that there is tension in the body that is finally brought to their awareness, where they did not think they had any. So my work, no matter what modality I'm using aims to address the relaxation, and the physical aspects of each client. These aspects are not seperate, and this work help others feel that mind body connection that is innate and availble to us in any given moment. 

It is my innermost desire to share this powerful work and to assist a client in whatever healing they need. A key word is assist, as everybody has the highest inner healer inside. My experience in self healing and self care provides me knowledge and information that accentuates my practice. No matter what people's ailments, backgrounds, beliefs, habits are, I provide a sacred healing space for folks to receive work that helps on thier life's path.