About Me

"Come into the body."

These were some of the first words I heard when first learning Vippasana meditation that helped me understand the connection between my thoughts, my bodily sensations, moods, and feelings. I knew then of the healing abilities that were within.  This was a path I had always been on but then I had entered a new phase where I would learn to serve others as best I could each day lived in this body and in my livelihood.

My work addresses mind, body and spirit in it's totality. I often have clients that need partiicular attention to physical pain, but with that often come patterns of thoughts and emotions. All of this is flow of energy being blocked in and around a persons body, their energetic field. This not only affects how we feel physically but how we feel stuck in finding meaning and understanding in our endeavors. I use various techniques: swedish massage, crystal work, deep tissue, reflexology, gentle touch, spinal work and whatever that is attuned to a clients needs. Whether it's the combination of massage and polarity or either one by itself, I help create space for client to feel more relaxed, more in their body, with energy and clarity. This helps the client to better realize the sufficiency of this very moment.